Chengbu Tingping Yao Minority Celebrates Wine-cake Festival

On October 20, the 27th day of September in Chinese lunar calendar, Liujiajie Yao Nationality people of Shangyan Village, Tingping Township, Chengbu County had their great festival-Wine-cake Festival. All families were singing folk songs, making glutinous rice cakes, worshipping God Mao and celebrating a harvest year, creating a joyous and harvest atmosphere.

Yao girls make glutinous rice cakes.

Tourists experience glutinous rice cakes making.

Yao girls eat glutinous rice cakes.

The "Sansheng Tree" located in Shangyan Village of Tingping Township.

A delicious dish of Yao Nationality-"Eating Locusts"

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal