Consecutive Excellencies on the Prose and Poetry Contest–”Beautiful Zhangjiajie”

Since the openness of the prose and poetry contest–”Beautiful Zhangjiajie” On August 19th, 24 Excellent articles have been received by Wulingyuan literary federation and writers association. Every composition reveals its infinite longing and hearty praises to Wulingyuan.

In order to prosper travel and culture in Wulingyuan, foster and activate more people to rest their eyes on Zhangjiajie, love Zhangjiajie and long for Zhangjiajie, Wulingyuan literary federation, writers association, Zhangjiajie Daily–travel weekly, and Wulingyuan news net jointly carry out the prose and poetry contest–”Beautiful Zhangjiajie”, which has received large attention and participation from tourist, literature lovers from many places. Less than ten days, over 20 works have been accepted, including the college students that had travel to Zhangjiajie, members from Hunan writers association, poets and foreigners. Especially the father of country music in America–Mark·Liwen wrote a poetry–Tianzi Legend to express his infinite love for Wulingyuan. Here is the abstract from his poetry: This famous story in Zhangjiajie, is there for all to see;The mountain named for Xiang Dakun, is bright as it can be…

It is reported that the contest will last to the end of October and at the first ten days of November, assessment will be started on these works. All the works will be issued on Zhangjiajie Daily–travel weekly, and Wulingyuan news net, and published on the second issue of 2013 of Wulingyuan Literature. The winner of the top three places will be awarded a ticket of Wulingyuan scenic spot.

By Crystal