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American Country Musician Mark.Levine Give Much Appreation for Zhangjiajie

American Country Musician Mark.Levine Give Much Appreation to Autumn Scenery of Zhangjiajie.

Mark • Levine, not only is the famous American country musician, but also a good social scientist, writer, professor, organiser of charity. Six years ago,he came to China for cultural exchange. During the time, he sang unique red songs while traveling half area of China.Fortunately,he spent many times visiting zhangjiajie, and participated in two period international country musical week, thus winning special award of merit. Then he was known as the father of the contemporary American country music.

In his description, zhangjiajie’s autumn scenery especially spectacular mysterious. Peak is curled up by cloud and mist. TianMen mountain, JinBian river and Yellow dragon cave are fantastic tour scenic spots. And the unique ethnic customs and culture of zhangjiajie let more and more person be infatuated with intoxication.

Having a special feeling to the zhangjiajie, Mark • Levine created the song “zhangjiajie – in heaven and paradise”at the background of scenery, and recommended zhangjiajie to the American friends many times.

Translated by Sophia