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A new Travel Electric Cars will be put into use in Zhangjiajie Gallery

July 14, Get news from Zhangjiajie Ten-mile-long gallery scenic spot,A new Tourism Electric Cars will be put into use in Ten-mile-long gallery scenic spot on September this year.It is a comfortable, beautiful type, low carbon tour Electric cars.All the leaders and experts to give a high evaluation of this Tourism Electric Cars.It was produced by the Hunan Zhuzhou Jiufang Tool & Die Co., Ltd.This company is a subsidiary of China South Locomotive Group,This is a special tour production of electric cars for Zhangjiajie Ten-mile-long gallery scenic spot.It also geographical and climatic conditions suitable for Zhangjiajie.Each electric car has five sub-compartments, 29 seats.It can run in the rain and snow weather, safety and comfortable has a very high standard.

It is reported that only three of the first Tourism Electric Cars, which will be put into use in September this year, In the next year, “May Day” holiday season, will be fully replaced by new travel electric cars. Zhangjiajie Ten-mile-long gallery scenic spot will give visitors a better viewing experience.

Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web