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25 Music Groups to Attend Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week

Twenty five original and distinctive music groups from all over the world will attend the 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week to kick off on August 31, according to the organizing committee of the event on August 13. Two hundred Harley-Davidson motors will run across the iconic stage set up between the paddy fields and the waterwheel at the opening ceremony, which deserves to be expected.

The music feast will gather music groups from 23 countries (regions), nearly 400 performers, over 200 journalists and more than 1,000 distinguished guests. Now the preparatory work is in full swing.

Relying on original idyllic scenery and with the biggest waterwheel in Zhangjiajie as background, the stage for the opening ceremony is now under intense construction. Unlike before, the stage this time adds two stone arch bridges, a rockery, a wooden bridge, a bamboo bridge, and a landmark Tujia stilt house as high as 7 meters. Coherence between the stage and the Huanglong Cave Ecological Square, and harmony between the bridge, water and home on the stage and the original natural beauty around is also carefully planned.

Translator: Tang Li

Source: chinanews.com