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Zhangjiajie Xibu Street Sprints to Rank Among the National 3A Scenic Spot

Located in the Suo riverside, Xibu Street rises to fame right from its opening. Now, it has entered the final sprint phase for the creating of a national 3A scenic spot.

Xibu Street, a unique compound travel commercial pedestrian street in China, specializing in overwater bar, Chinese special snacks, folks of western Hunan and so on.

Last September, Xibu Street successfully undertook the second Hunantravel commodity exposition. This January, it is marked as a “Hunan travel shopping demonstration”. This year, on May, 16th,Xibu Street opened to the public officially. The whole street is based on the local custom of Tujia and Miao nationality in western Hunan. It is self-evident that the street is a perfect combination of those two kinds of local customs, and also a fully presentation of intangible cultural heritage.

Since its coming out, Xibu Streetis praised to be the first cheerful old street and a travel cultural collection of Wulingyuan scenic spot that cannot be duplicated.

Translated by Becky