Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Special Village“Sinanyu”is under Construction and Protection

“Sinanyu” Village lies at the entrance to west gate of Wulinyuan scenic area. It covers 9.8 square kilometers and has 1,122 residents, 267 families. It is a typical minority settlement with strong ethnic folk customs where lives Tujia, Bai,and Miao people. Tujia and Bai people makes up 98%.

In recent year, The village has been making use of favorable tourist resources and focused on the general target, That is, building world tourist brand, building international tourist entertainment village. With a main developmental line of putting ecology first,ensuring travel’s dominance, upgrading its town as well as culture and Keeping local residents’life much better and harmonious, It strove to build a special village, develop natural and casual tour. Sinanyu village has attracted about 100 thousand guests per year. It has taken shape with 20 standard hotel and family inns, simple natural Tujia Diaojiao building and Tianzi Street formed by fire & wind proof wall courtyards.

In 2003, The village was chosen as one of the 100 ethnic special villages that would be protected and transformed by Chinese government’s policy to protect special ethnic village. Thus 50O thousand RMB money was been remitted by Provincial Ethnic Affairs at the end of last year.

Translated by Zumi