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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Focused on Beautifying Roadside Environment

Since April, Wulingyuan maintenance stock of Highway Bureau has been actively in renovating the roadside environment. Measures would been taken like setting up isolation bars, waveform guardrails in key area where building rubbish were dumped and illegal behaviors occasionality occurred. Besides, plants and flowers would be planted in the yellow earth covered roadside after dispose of building rubbish there. It will helps to improve to the quality and level of green environment, beautifying roadside.

Up to now, There have been 5,000-square meter fleur-de-lis, 5,000 azalea trees, 200 crape myrtle trees, 100 Cherry blossom trees and 100 red maples along Wulingyuan road. Besides, 150-meter waveform guardrails and 500-meter isolation bars have also been built.

Translated by Zumi