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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Actively Responses to World No Tobacco Day

Do you have the habit of smoking Have you ever known the fact that widespread prevalence of tobacco use and its negative healtheffects currently lead to 5.4 million deaths worldwide annually. On this May 31th, it is the 26th World No Tobacco Day, which urge governments to address this public health threat.

The global recognized logo of World No Tobacco Day is a ashtray with a rose designed by World Health Organization.The purpose of this day observed around the world every year on May 31 meant to encourage a 24hour period of abstinence from all forms oftobaccoconsumption across the globe. Each year has a different topic,and the theme this year is “Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship”.

In order to actively response to the 26th World No Tobacco Day on this May 31th ,Wulingyuan has made efforts to enlarge this effects and urge more people get rid of smoking since May 29th to May 31th. .By report that related offices such as Office for Public Health Promotion will hold propaganda activities on the scene, which include the free clinic, distribution of leaflets, discourage smokers and so on, which close to the theme.What is more, no smoking propaganda will spread in canteens,  firms, hotels, schools and public places in Zhangjiajie.

By  Aileen