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Zhangjiajie Travel Complaint Handling Mechanism Buzzes

The 10th National Interactive Collaboration Conference of Tourism Cities on Tourism Quality Monitoring was held between Oct.26—Oct.29. 260 representatives from 92 cities, 26 provinces presented the conference, including Yang Xinmin, vice director of Supervision Department of National Tourism Administration. Representatives of Zhangjiajie also attended the conference and delivered speech on travel complaint handling mechanism of Zhangjiajie.

Handling travel complaint is the basic duty of Tourism Supervision Department. Representatives attended the conference all gave full recognition to our travel complaint mechanism. Meanwhile, the review system conducted by Party representatives, NPC and CPPCC representatives as well as the method of “Room Apology on the idea of handling complaints equaling as travel promotion” had aroused a buzz. They are considered as innovation on travel complaint handling mechanism which is worthwhile to draw on merits from.

Translator: Xiaoli
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web

Zhangjiajie Representative(Wangyong)