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Zhangjiajie Review Meeting on Biodiversity Protection and Travel Dilatation And Query

On September 6th, The review meeting on Biodiversity Protection and Tourism dilatation And Query is held in Wulingyuan. Zhu yongwen, The secretary of district committee, Hou jiaji, Deputy secretary of district committee and director of district committee office, and other relevant officers attend the meeting.

On the meeting, the research group proceeds to make demonstration and report on the preliminary study result of Biodiversity Protection and Tourism dilatation And Query; related principals from national land sector, construction sector, travel sector and planning sector and experts come up with modified suggestions and rational proposals on the study result of the topic, and refine to the specific chapter and data, which will pave a road for further perfection.

Hou jijia expresses his gratitude for every expert’s industrious hardworking and presents five suggestions for further work:
1.The project study and compilation should be in line with the requirements and standards of UNESCO;
2.Take efforts to promote;
3.Build herbarium for rare animals and plants;
4.Protect the living resources;
5.Open space for tourists to promote biodiversity.

Zhu yongwen stresses there is vita meaning in the two projects, which is related with the economic and social development of the district; the research group should insist on the priority of protection and the second place for development; make balance between protection and development; all the above will depict a grand blueprint fro future development.

By Crystal