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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole Scenic Spot all is in order for Golden Week

September 30th, the first day of national vacation, wulingyuan huanglong hole scenic spot has a picturesque autumn scenery, which catching tourist attraction. At 8 o ‘clock, scenic spot has ushered in the tourists from all over the country, all kinds of tourist vehicles has parked well in the the unified coordination command of Scenic staff.

To cope with ”navigator” peak in double festival period, huanglong hole scenic spot gets ready in advance. In the parking lot, adding two ticket window. Separating arrangement for motorists, team and individual travelers. Cleanning up and registing for the parking lot, and so on.

The first day of “golden week”, huanglong hole in the ticket window does not appear the phenomenon of long queues, without tourist complaint events, parking space and scenic service facilities meet basic needs.

Translated by Sophia