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Zhangjiajie girl Liu Sai offered a song on National Day of Assistive

On the night of May 20th, Avenue of Stars screened a special program——“On the Wings of Song”, because of National Day of Assistive, which was broadcasted in the CCTV variety channel. Obviously, a good cast of characters was seen that night. Besides past contestants in Avenue of Stars like Li Yugang, Wang Erni and many other famous stars, as well as the lineup consisted of Paralympic champions such as Li Rui, Yang Bozun, Wang Ruixue, and Jiang Fuying. There were also numerous talented disabled people invited to show here.

The Zhangjiajie blind girl Liu Sai, who won the champion of CCTV Avenue of Stars in 2011, offered a song “listen to the world”. According to this song, Liu Sai eulogized disabled people who pursued their lives stubbornly. At the same time, it gave great encouragement to those disabled children on the set. Using this song, Liu Sai gained warm applause.

Translated by Becky