Zhangjiajie Giant Salamanders Settle Down in Golden Stream Whip

On the morning of July 10, Yuan yanwen, leaders of Hunan Raising livestock Bureau of aquatic products arrived at Golden Stream Whip in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with special presents. They are fifty giant salamanders. Leaders of Zhangjiajie municipal party committee have attended the releasing activity.

In releasing activity, participants are expected to put the giant salamander back to stream gently and tenderly. When touching the cool water, the giant salamanders swim into the cracks of stones or water grass for light sensibility inherently. After adaption to the water temperature, they will swim into deeper waters slowly and comfortably. Thereby, the Golden Stream Whip is a new home to the 50 giant salamanders. The releasing activity on July 10 has attracted many visitors for photographing.

Giant salamander originated from its sound, which seems like the crying of a baby. A staff also states that this name contains other meaning, that is the giant salamander is a child-delivering fish legendarily speaking. During recent years, Zhangjiajie municipal party committee has cooperated with travel and giant salamander raising industry. Gradually, the giant salamander will be a new propaganda card for Zhangjaijie.

By Aileen