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Zhangjiajie Building International Travel Service Center and Landmark Buildings

On July 16th, Luo zhibin, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and scretary of municipal party committee organization department, and vice mayor Gong minghan come to the road construction scene of Blue Harbor second project, surveying the implementation of downtown construction, with relevant perosns from Zhangjiajie’s live built bureau, planning bureau and land and resources bureau accompanied.

According to report, the road construction project of the newly-built area and the Zhangjiajie Dong neng travel commercial cultural square project is planed in line with the practical situation of Zhangjiajie downtown, and its fixed position is the international travel sevice center and Zhangjiajie’s landmark buildings.

Checking the project in the construction scene and listening to the report of progress, Gong minghan makes arrangement of the next stage. He requests since now three headquarters are to be established officially, relevant sectors should present the project plan, road net plan to advance the launch of the project. At the same time, demolition of relevant areas should be pushed according to rules and regulations and relocation areas and construction plans should be arranged as soon as possible.

Luo zhibin indicates the three projects are connected with each other and is the key point of city construction; every sector should increase their senses of responsibility, urgency and mission, strengthen cooperation with sectors, emphasize the key point and boost the construction.

Translated by Crystal