Zhangjiajie BaoFeng Lake Received a High Record in Travel

Baofeng lake scenic spot, won a new step inn 2012 travel. According to WuLingYuan travel department figures, in 2012, baofeng lake scenic spot, received more than 680000 person, with a year on year growth of 31.6%. Tickets income was more than 48 million yuan, up 19.4% year-on-year.

In 2012, baofeng lake scenic spot push construction quality travel line, with a variety of culture and the natural landscape, forming the red culture essence aspect, to make air noble lake and “national youth civilization” guide class quality service.

In 2012, baofeng lake strengthened infrastructure construction, to improve the tour environment, investing 5 million yuan RMB to cruise to upgrade quality and strive to create heart situation, treasure jade peak.

Translated by Sophia