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Zhangjiajie Scenery in Definitive Stamps Beautiful China

From the recent report from China Philatelic Portal that China Post will issue a group of definitive stamps on 19th May. Scenery of Zhangjiajie landscapes as the symbol of Hunan is designed in the stamps.

It is reported that since 2002, China Post has issued three themed definitive stamps; they are titled with “Protect Our Common Home”, “Chinese Birds”and “Beautiful China”. Recently, the fantastic natural scenery and pure folk culture of Zhangjiajie have received world-wide favor.And the distribution of “Beautiful China”, which within Zhangjiajie Scenery will play a important role in promoting the development of Zhangjiajie travel and making it a quality brand in the international travel industry.

For the past decade, Zhangjiajie has released series of stamps such as post cards, tour passport, stamps with special characteristics and stamped tickets, etc, to enhance and improve it brand reputation.

By Aileen