Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake has Entrance Environment Quality Upgrade

On August 20th,2014. The World Natural Heritage Site Baofeng lake scenic area has the entrance comprehensive environmental reconstruction project. Engineering budget is more than 30 million yuan, With a total construction area of more than 7,532 square meters, About 1-year plan period.

According to introducing, The entrance environment quality project is divided into four areas: The entrance area, scenic management service, ecological park area, plunge landscape area. A scenic entrance stone will be set as the theme of the scenic landscape culture symbol, To have the function of resting, waiting, communication. By expressing the plain culture landscape shape column, elegant natural sunshine lawn, abundant towering mountain landscape elements, with xiangxi folk traditional style, It will build service administrative zone with rich mountain yard Diaojiao building style.

According to understand, The entrance environment quality is the first phase project. The next step will be in accordance with the “Baofeng lake detailed planning”, to gradually lift quality of scenic spot inside, increase around the wooden footway, appearance of the wild ornamental point, such as hiking club, forest farm landscape. At the appointed time, The scenic spot will increase the capacity of 416,000 passengers.

Translated by Sophia