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Zhangjiajie Bai Dragon Ladder set a New Guinness World Record

On July 16th, Zhangjiajie dragon ladder which just completing the expansion set a new Guinness world record, certified by the Guinness book of world records as “The highest outdoor elevator”.

As the increasing number of visitors, The dragon ladder began full expansion since 2013. After nearly two years of renovation, all three elevators finished upgrade completion in July.After upgrading the dragon ladder, the fastest speed by 3 m/s before up to 5 m/s, one-way run time from 1 minute 58 second reduced to 1 minutes and 32 seconds. Three ladders have the total capacity per hour up to about 6,000 people.Capacity of ascension means that after the upgrade of the dragon ladder, It will put an end to the history of waiting in line and improve the service reception.

Zhangjiajie has gold placard of China’s first national forest park, the first batch of world natural heritage, The first batch of world geological park, national 5A-class tourist scenic spot.With unique travel resources, capacity and speed of the dragon ladder has increased a lot. It will bring more convenient to the masses of tourists, also will be a sharp rise in Zhangjiajie scenic spot service reception ability and reception level.

The dragon ladder has a vertical elevation of 335 meters, which started in September 1999, with a total investment of 180 million.Because of its investment quota and outdoor building difficulty, there is no the same type of domestic outdoor sightseeing elevator, the creation will be hard to break the world record for a short time.

Translated by Sophia