Yuelu Academy Held a Forum about Contemporary Art and Publicity

Recently, “2013 Artistic Changsha, art enters into public life—contemporary art and publicity forum” was held in Hunan University Yuelu Academy. Retiring curator American Guggenheim Museum Thomas Krens and curator of National Art Museum of China Fan Andi and elites in art circles gathered in Changsha City, Hunan Province.

Yuelu Academy was built in the Northern Song or Earlier Song Dynasty (960-1127). Since ancient times, It has been a gathering center and spreading place for Huxiang culture. In this forum, Thomas Krens introduces the development in the world of Guggenheim Museum and the prospect of Meixi Lake Art Gallery in details. Fan Andi discussed the “Public power and contemporary art publicity” from a prospect of living art. That is, building a kind of corresponding relationship between contemporary art and the overall social life.

Translated by Becky