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YJJ cableway welcomes over 360,000 Guests, South K-tourists account for 18%

On April 22nd, Group after group of South Korean tourists visit Wulingyuan scenic area core Yang Jiajie cableway. Since this year, in Yang Jiajie scenic spot, we can see many gorgeous South Korean tourists, and hear the praise of Yang Jiajie beautiful scenery. According to incomplete statistics, April 21, Yang jiajie cableway has received more than 360,000 guests, including 18% in South Korea.

In April last year, as the opening of Yang Jiajie cableway of opening, magnificent peak has quickly become the popular attraction for Chinese and foreign tourists. As a core “Rising star”, Yang Jiajie ropeway makes a “Resource integration” with Tianzi mountain, Baofeng lake, and so on. The tourist market shares continuously “Inflation”. Yang Jiajie scenic spot in South Korea guest’s eyes, the peak wall wonders are “The miracle of miracles”. Such a height jagged stone group, it can completely be preserved, is rare, and has a very high scientific, ecological and aesthetic value.

This year, Wulingyuan scenic area has a reception of has more than 63,000 people from south Korean team.

Translated by Sophia