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Wulingyuan National Culture Win Great Charming from Home and Abroad

Zhangjiajie WuLingYuan strengthen the world natural heritage landscape protection, in recent years. At the same time, vigorously digging the national culture, producing rich local and ethnic cultural travel product. The new cultural connotation endowes with natural scenic spot, thus vigorously promoting reputation and popularity of the zhangjiajie travel product. Large show〝the charming of xiangxi, zhangjiajie〞is a major representative product of national culture, twice in a row on the CCTV Spring Festival gala, catching the world’s attention.

The more national, the more of the world. Culture is the soul of travel, national culture is an important part of wulingyuan tourist, which will increase the intensity of ethnic cultural travel development. It will light wulingyuan national cultural economy, boost wulingyuan to build international travel leisure resort.

Translated by Sophia