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World Peacekeeping Policeman–Zhangjiajie Lijinfeng

Knowing and understanding peacekeeping career, he put his whole heart into the peacekeeping business; From the United Nations peacekeeping area east timor, to Liberia. From an ordinary criminal policeman to the frontier team advisers, captain. From the region’s police chief, to the security guard’s office liaison officer. From Liberia police consultant, training officer to local police captain of the UN peacekeeping mission.In foreign peacekeeping mission, LiJingFeng, every day, was full of tension, danger, passion, and challenge.

From 2002 to 2012, in the span of up to 10 years, LiJingFeng had been to east timor, Liberia three times. Facing the lack of electricity, water, hot humid weather, and materials, living in the poor unrest environment with armed fighting, he never turned back, without the slightest hesitation. He used his own experience, explaining the life value ideal to the motherland, for contributing hunan power about”the heart went away, and to be the first” to world peace.