The Second Outdoor Skiing Festival Was Rolled Out in Dawei Mountain

On 15th, Jan.2015, The opening ceremony of “The Second Outdoor Skiing Festival of Dawei Mountain” will rolled out at Ying Hua Feng Stadium in Daweishan National Forest Park in Liuyang—The firework manufacturing center city in Hunan. This skiing activity won’t be end until 15th, Feb..

Last Year, Dawei Mountain National Forest Park has successfully held the first outdoor skiing festival. Nearly one hundred thousands of tourists were attracted to have fun. Apart from last year’s skiing show and skiing by group, the second skiing festival will bring you a brand new experience with circle skiing lane and riding bicycle on snow land added. Circle skiing lane will bring you a joyous experience by slipping down from high land of snow slope along hollow snow lane. What’s more, at the ceremony, freestyle skiing, ballet on snow, ski somersault, ski jumping and other fantastic snow performance was presented.

Translated by Patricia