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The Music week Counters Down and Landmark Attraction to Be Built on Aug 25

Relying on the original ecological idyllic scenery, set background by Zhangjiajie’s biggest waterwheel, a small stream passing before the stage…Recently, the author has seen the opening ceremony stage that will be kept as a landmark attraction is under construction.

The music week taking the responsibility of improving culture exchanges among all nations is countering down on its official website. The Yellow Dragon Cave that undertakes the executive organizer for all the three times indicates that this time the event will record the list; many meetings have been held for the preparation on all work of the music week.

It is worth mentioning that the music week is kept as a major festival activity that is held in Zhangjiajie every two years, along which an iconic stage that built between the rice field and waterwheel and covers 1,000 square meters is also kept. The organizer indicates the landmark attraction that is the birthland of the music week will meet with tourists on August 25 as a new spot in Yellow Dragon Cave.

The designer of the music week stage shows different from the former one, in this time the opening ceremony will add a rockery, two stone arch bridges, one wooden bridge, a bamboo bridge and a seven-meter Tujia Diaojiao building. The whole design of the stage demands the coherence with the Yellow Dragon Cave ecological square and the match up between little bridge, running stream, household and original ecological beautiful scenery.

It is said that Harley Davidson that honored “Rolls-Royce in motors” may perform “Traversing” in the opening ceremony stage.

By Crystal