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The first auto-hotel appears in Zhangjiajie Huanglong cave scenic area

On July 12nd, A company called “Five kilometers” car hotel shows in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan District Huanglong cave scenic spot. It will usher in more than 10 xiang juyou club guests. It not only gradually improve the function of zhangjiajie service road, also fill the blank of no cars hotel in Hunan province.

The car hotel all is closely related to the car both appearance, hall and guest room. Especially the 47 rooms are designed to car theme of personality is distinct, even telephone, ashtrays, furnishing articles and other small accessories are corresponding to the topic car.

Hotel investors Chen Dong introduces that he raises nearly 10 million yuan to create the construction of the first car hotel in hunan. The hotel was named “5 kilometers”. The reason is the hotel distance of the main scenic spots around the average distance of 5 kilometers. The second is the hotel provides free shuttle services for the guests within 5km.

Translated by Sophia