Taiwan Travel Industry has an Inspection on Zhangjiajie Winter Travel

Recently, Taiwan’s travel industry, with 43 people from airlines and media line has an inspection on Zhangjiajie winter travel, praising Zhangjiajie “Unique beauty”.

The delegation has on-site visit to Huangshi village, Yangjiajie,and so on. The peer Taiwan travel the world, the oddball magazine media have shot Zhangjiajie landform scenery. According to introduction, this marketing campaign is aimed to introduce Zhangjiajie winter travel to Taiwanese tourists, letting more Taiwan tourists to travel in Zhangjiajie, and also laying the foundation for this year’s travel cooperation.

According to statistics, last year, more than 56,000 Taiwanese tourists came to Zhangjiajie, up 16.06% from a year earlier, becoming the second place in the Zhangjiajie travel market.

Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Snow-Historical picture

Translated by Sophia