Shanghai-Kunming HSR Shaoyang Section to Open at the End of 2014

Hunan Railway Authority revealed on May 13 that the main project of Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway Shaoyang Section has been completed, and is awaiting the joint trial this July. The 39.6-kilometer section is expected to shorten the journey between Shaoyang and Changsha to one hour when it is opened to traffic at the end of this year. The waiting hall, ticket hall and platform of Shaoyang North Railway Station are being furnished at the moment.

Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway covers 2,245 kilometers, consisting of three sections including Shanghai-Hangzhou Section, Hangzhou-Changsha Section and Changsha-Kunming Section. The Shanghai-Hangzhou section has already been put into service. The Hangzhou-Changsha passenger dedicated line and Changsha-Kunming passenger dedicated line within Hunan total 506.4 kilometers with the target speed of 350 km/h. Hangzhou-Changsha line has been completed and is now undergoing joint trial. Railway authorities are testing the operation of bullet trains along the line. 

Translator: Guo Yan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal