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Science and Education Channel of CCTV Again Focusing on Zhangjiajie

On May 30th, the camera crew of science and education channel–Geography-China of CCTV arrives in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic spot, again focusing on Zhangjiajie and starting to shoot feature films for a week.

The program team plans to select the most representative and fresh geological travel attraction and produce a series of program–Fancy and Beautiful Zhangjiajie, which is to promote geological travel resources and popularize natural and geological scientific knowledge. At the same time, it will recommend Zhangjiajie’s splendid and beautiful geological travel resources in an all round way.

This program–Fancy and Beautiful Zhangjiajie displays the colorful geological resources and landscape of various scenic spots in Zhangjiajie, which will reflect the novelty, fanciness,uniqueness and beauty of natural scenery. Meanwhile, it disseminates scientific knowledge, advocates the ideas of cherishing nature, harmonious co-existence between human beings and nature, as well as brings the audience to experience the magical charm of nature.

The program plans to broadcast five sets with 30 minutes per set. It will come into post production in June and present in summer vocation prime time of CCTV’s science and education channel, as a key program of science and education channel–Geography-China of CCTV in 2013. At the same time, it will be upload on CNTV and Phoenix Net after the program’s broadcast, which makes it on demand at any time for a long term.

Translated by Crystal