Scene Play "Fenghuang Town in Misty Rain" Well Received

Drawing upon a novel by Shen Congwen, "Border Town", a scene play "Fenghuang Town in Misty Rain", which is the first of its kind in China, has attracted 30 thousand tourists since its debut on March 30, and was well received.

Modern technology has set the scene for the show, bringing to life the moving Border Town story. The show managed to present a vivid yet mysterious western Hunan to the audience by integrating the profound western Hunan culture, following the life of heroine Cui Cui, and creating special stage effects via sound, electricity, light, and water.

With large investment of 130 million yuan, a splendid story, a magnificent stage, great sound effects, and a top ranking production team, the show has gotten a strong word-of-mouth buzz in just a month, drawing in much more tourists than the other four performances staged in Fenghuang Town.

Performance of "Fenghuang Town in Misty Rain"

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal