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Red Culture Travel Group Established in Shaoshan

Recently, the unveiling ceremony of the Shaoshan Red Culture Tourism Group was held in the banquet hall of Xiangtan Paragon Villa.

Chen Sanxin, secretary of the CPC Xiangtan Municipal Government, and Xiong Jian, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau, attended the ceremony.

Xiangtan, hometown of celebrities, boasts profound red culture and rich resources, but its red travel is still underdeveloped, said Chen at the ceremony. The establishment of the group aims to build a platform for integrating culture travel resources in Xiangtan, develop leading enterprises of red travel and make the red travel culture industry stronger so as to promote the harmonious development of industry, environment, and city.

Chen hoped that the travel group will adhere to the principle of market-orientation to develop red culture travel products. The red culture travel industry should be propelled via the development of leading enterprises. He also urged the government to give more supports.

Translator: Lv Xuefen
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal