Night Travel in Zhangjiajie Huanglongdong Scenic Area from April

Zhangjiajie Huanglongdong scenic area will open night travel service, and visitors can enjoy “Charming scenery wonders of the world” at night. Sale ticket time will be extended to 20:00pm.

This scenic spot night travel service will begin on April 1st. At the same time, the ticket time will be extended to 20:00pm (Summer discretionary deferred to 21:00pm), which means that more and more tourists from home and abroad will have more convenient travel choice.

Opening night service, visitors in Huanglongdong scenic area can enjoy more convenient sightseeing, dining, and watching the performance. In Huanglongdong scenic area, a night of large-scale folk song and dance drama “Misty rain Zhangjiajie” has been completed quality upgrading at the early stage of the Spring Festival program. Scenic restaurant “Huanglong outlets” also is in the optimization of products and improves service quality.

Translated by Sophia