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“National Aunts”Speaking for International Music Week Triggers Online Buzz

An image propaganda film for the 2013 international country music week provokes online buzz over the aunts in national dress and against the beautiful rivers and mountains of Zhangjiajie, welcome tourists throughout the world with passionate smile. The “plebificated” promotion film zooms in the distance with the netizens.

It is reported that 32 super country music bands from 24 countries of the six continents will give several performances during the music week, while as the host, Zhangjiajie’s “National Aunts” are the leading roles that can’t be ignored. They orchestrate a large-scale dance Zhangjiajie Welcomes You by toasting songs which presents Tujia’s zeal for guests, and will sing Sangzhi folk song–Lady Flower in the opening ceremony. At this time, they have another bright status–image spokespersons of the music week.

It is no doubt that the film stars and spots stars are more suitable to be an image spokesperson, thus the little known “National Aunts” speaking for the famous international music week is the first time in China and is hard to avoid the misunderstanding and disputes from the netizens.

By Crystal