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Hunan’s First “Street Annals” Published

The street annals serve as an epitome of the transition of the ancient city and development of the new town. On the morning of May 22, the “Street Annals of Furong District of Changsha”, recording the history and story of hundreds of the streets in Changsha, was published.

The compiling work started in April, 2010. The annals consist of 500,000 characters, 17 maps and 347 photos. 592 names of streets in Furong District and 369 articles about these streets were included. The central part of Changsha has never changed since its founding 2000 years ago, a large part of which belongs to Furong District. The annals keep a detailed record of the transition of the city: the ancient style and the modern prosperity.

There is no off-the-peg mode of street annals compiling to draw on the experience. The editors of the Archives Bureau of Furong District took a bold attempt and successfully accomplished Hunan’s first Street Annals.

Source: enghunan.gov.cn

Translator: Zhangshu