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Hunan Promotes Anhua Dark Tea to Mongolia and Russia

Shi Yao, head of a dark tea enterprise of Anhua County in Hunan Province met in Baotou with En Oyuntegs, secretary general of the Mongolia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry on July 22. Both of them went there to attend the Forum on Industry and Commerce of China, Mongolia and Russia.

Anhua dark tea, one of the Chinese representative teas, can be traced back to areas in Mongolia and Russia at the turning of Yuan and Ming Dynasty. Mr. Shi said that the access of trade caravans carrying Anhua dark tea to Kyakhta, signified the end of the Tea Road and the start of its expansion into the international market.

According to Zhang Zhihua, agent of Hunan dark tea in Inner Mongolia, Hunan will grasp the opportunity of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and “Open to the North” Strategy of Inner Mongolia, and set up a representative office in Ulan Bator of Mongolia in the following months, so as to promote Anhua dark tea to Mongolia and Russia by the marketing method of “Internet Plus”.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal