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Heralded film shows breathtaking Zhangjiajie wonders in USA

In early August, A bird’s eye view, The national heralded piece (TOP) has hit on American television geographic channel, showing the unusual beauty of Zhangjiajie wonders.

Heralded film is made by the state council information office and Singapore, New Zealand, the company 2014 annual joint investment, using the technique of aerial documentary to show the world famous nature, humanities, history and beauty. It is one of the “Documentaries” of China. A bird’s eye view, a total of 44 minutes, Zhangjiajie scenery appeared in the video between 13 to 16 minutes.

In another development, the bird’s eye view of China in addition to show on geographic television in the United States, will also be more state television broadcast in the world. The world’s rare Zhangjiajie landform scenery, will be on television screens again hot all over the world.

Translated by Sophia