Forum on Strengthening Travel Relation and Cooperation BT Zhangjiajie and Korea

As Chair Xi visited Korea and expressed willing to strengthen mutual culture communication, Tourism cooperation and free of visa policy between China and Korea, ZZhangjjiajie travel bureau then held a forum on discussing how to practice Chair Xi’s willingness.

Participants all agreed to by this chance of Chair Xi visiting Korea further strengthen cultural and travel communication with Korea. Zhangjjiajie, As global famous resort, has been stable on Korea travel market. By chance of 2015 Annual China Tourism and 2016 Annual Korea Tourism, Zhangjjiajie travel bureau has studied on how to further exploit Zhangjjiajie travel market. More related travel product will be recommended, more travel propganda will be made and better infrastructure will be built to improve serving quailty and with an great effort to make Zhangjjiajie an resort enjoying international reputation.

By Patricia