Fenghuang to Tongren Airport(Feng-Da Expressway) will be opened to traffic

In the morning of Nov 6th, Feng-Da (From Fenghuang to Daxing, Guizhou) expressway is opened to traffic and it just takes over 20 minutes to arrive in Tongren Phoenix Airport from Fenghuang. This is the second expressway in Fenghuang after Jishou-to-Huaihua expressway.

Feng-Da expressway is one section of the national expressway–Huang rui expressway in cisborder Hunan as well as the first constitute of “Five vertical and seven horizontal”Expressway network in Hunan. As a vital exit in the southern Xiangxi, Feng-Da expressway is connected with Guizhou. It sets Fenghuang northern county as its starting point, makes butt joint with Jihsou-Huaihua expressway and ends in Daxing town which is the junction between Hunan and Guizhou. The expressway covers 30.848 kms and is designed with four-lane standard with 80KM/H.

Riding on Feng-Da expressway, you can enjoy many famous attractions, such as Tijiang River, South of the Great Wall site and Huangsiqiao ancient town. It takes just over 20 minutes to Tongren Phoenix Airport.

“Tourists from Beijing and other provinces can arrive in Daxing by air, then travel to Fenghuang by Feng-Da expressway. It is very convienent” The manager of Feng-Da Expressway Co., Ltd indicates Ji-Huai expressway, Feng-Da expressway and Tong ren Phoenix Airport build up the space three-dimensional transportation network for Fenghuang, which paves way for Fenghuang to create “Fenghuang for ALL” international travel destination.

According to the person in charge of Fenghuang Tourism Bureau, after the settlement of Feng-Da expressway, Fenghuang along with Jishou, Huaihua, Zunyi and other cities to form the expressway network, which creates a brand-new red expressway travel excellent products.

Source from: Hunan Daily

By Crystal