“Charming Xiangxi” Was Selected into 30 Strong Chinese Culture Brand

On May 16th, Chinese culture brand blue book “Chinese culture brand development report (2014)” launched in the 10th Shenzhen Wenbo. The selection showed 30 guiding significance in each category’s annual cultural brand. Zhangjiajie, charming Xiangxi became the only domestic brand, which won the title of travel performing arts.

Zhangjiajie, Charming Xiangxi found in 2000, was a large folk epic sitcom of worldwide reputation and fine visibility. It condensed the essence of xiangxi folk and contemporary culture creative photoes of scholars and performance artist. It was a masterpiece in xiangxi culture. Since debut, Charming xiangxi with broad perspective and unique use of human nature, creatively built a unique audio-visual feast of Chinese travel industry. In art and culture fusion analysis, It worked out the infinite charming folk language.

Translated by Sophia