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A Refreshing Summer Trip in Zhangjiajie Dragon and Phoenix Terrace

Sunshine in early summer in Zhangjiajie is warm and soft. On one Sunday morning, accompanied with several bosom friends, I took a trip in the Dragon and Phoenix Terrace which located in Luoshui, northwestern of Zhangjiajie city.

We arrived after two hours’ driving. It is the very early summer when grasses are green and tender, flowers are in blossom. Crops in the terrace are healthy and verdant .On both banks of Luoshui’s country road, it is easy for us to catch a glimpse of insects and wild plants. Look, here was a beautiful butterfly and an unidentified red wild flower.

Wind in the Dragon and Phoenix Terrace gently caressed our faces, the air we breathe in is refreshing and clean. When standing on the top of a hill, we were totally shocked by the gorgeous and extensive scenery in our eyes. The winding and curving terraces are just like dragons and phoenixes dancing together. And it is really worthy of the name -The Dragon and Phoenix Terrace.

In different period or seasons, the dragon and phoenix terrace presents us different sceneries. For instance, in rainy days, the terraces filled with water are as bright as mirrors. In the spring time, it is reviving and subtle. Its summer sceneries are warm and refreshing. However, it is golden and enchanting during the autumn season. And it is as white as a palace in winter.

Metropolis life is too cold to live with. If possible, a trip in countryside, like in the dragon and phoenix terrace in Luoshui, Zhangjaijie will present you a brand-new and pleasant world.

By Aileen