70th Small Dragon Boast Made by an Old Artist in Miluo

On May 28, Zheng Lianghui, a 68-year-old folk artist from Daijialong of Chengjiao Township of Miluo City, made his 70th small dragon boat in his simple work shed.

The scaled-down dragon boat, is skillfully carved with high-quality and well-known wood materials like rosewood and camphor wood. Being handmade work, the size of the small dragon boat varies from 60 centimeters to 100 centimeters. With unique characters, the works created by the old artist enjoy great collection value.

“The skill is passed down from my forefathers, and the technique improves with experience.” said Zheng Lianghui. At the first national “Chinese Dragon Boat Culture Exhibition” held in 2013, the small dragon boat made by Zheng was included in Chinese Sports Intangible Culture Heritage Protection and Promotion Project. It was also learnt that Zheng’s son has mastered this skill, and Zheng’s nephew has also begun to learn it. Thus this traditional old skill along the Miluo River bank has been passed down to the next generation.

An old artist from Miluo making a dragon boat

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal