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2012 the first AiZhai international Low Altitude Skydiving Festival

With domestic and foreign media attention, the first international low altitude skydiving held on September 14th, in xiangxi aizhai bridge! This event aims to create first-class world the holy land for fans of extreme sports activities, and promote the development of China’s low altitude skydiving, thus for better promoting mysterious big xiangxi natural scenery and customs, to promote the xiangxi travel industry continue to prosperity.

On September 16th, from global 16 countries, 42 world first-class low altitude parachute athletes will converge on aizhai bridge for the soul-stirring performance.

2012 the first international low altitude skydiving, with large limit activities, will win a reputation from home and abroad. The great polymerization of warmly media attention from home and abroad, which will expand the influence and give a new connotation to big xiangxi. Anyway, it will inject new vitality, generate passionate collision bwtween new and old. It is very important booster to build a core competitive international travel resort. Meanwhile, promoting the fusion of hunan travel and sports industry, along with sustainable development of travel economy.

Translated by Sophia