Why Book Zhangjiajie Tour with Local Travel Agency

Nowadays, people can book a Zhangjiajie tour from lots of online tourism platforms, but actually it’s not the cheapest way as you think.

Those platforms always claim they never charge tourists hidden booking fees, and there is no hidden fees indeed when you proceed the booking. However you should know that they charge commissions from the suppliers who actually are the local travel agents.

The platform commissions are normally around 10-15% of the retail price which is acceptable, but in most situation they are over 20 even 30%, totally unbelievable! Normally the local travel agency charges 10-20% of the cost as the legal profit. As a result, people always need to pay 10-30% more on those platforms. So when you book with the local agency directly, you can avoid those platform commissions.

Always be noted that platforms are just play a role as middleman, some of them charge high commissions from suppliers, as a result suppliers pass those costs on to consumers. It’s never a economic way to book on platforms, that’s why we recommend tourists to book a tour from the local Zhangjiajie tour agency directly.